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Astronomers suggest firing a laser into space to lure aliens to Earth like a "porch light" – BGR

Science fiction has taught us for decades that an alien will arrive on Earth, it will be a bad day for humanity. These fictional horror stories have not stopped some scientists from worrying about how we could bring foreign civilizations to Earth, and a new feasibility study suggests we could send a laser beam into the cosmos to serve as a beacon for the alien To find life.

The work published in the 19459004 The Astrophysical Journal suggests that existing technology could be used to create an infrared beam bright enough to be discovered by intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations. Once discovered, it would be like a trail of breadcrumbs directly aimed at the earth, and aliens could call.

"This would be a challenging project, but not impossible," said James Clark, author of the study, a statement. "The kind of lasers and telescopes that are being built today can produce a detectable signal so that an astronomer can take a look at our star and immediately see something out of the ordinary in its spectrum. I do not know if intelligent creatures around the Sun could be their first guess, but it would certainly attract more attention.

The biggest challenge in creating a beacon that could be detected by aliens is that it is brave enough to be discovered from a great distance, even when the sun is trying their best to outshine them. The newspaper explains that a 1

to 2 megawatt laser could suffice if it were shot through a telescope up to 45 meters high.

Well, aside from the feasibility, there are many voices in science that are not all bullish on the idea of ​​meeting aliens at all. Of course, the discovery of an intelligent life outside the earth would be a monumental event, but the potential consequences of inviting a space-based competition to Earth are potentially risky. There is a legitimate concern that Earth's resources may be too tempting to resist, and that we could invite our extermination by luring aliens into our area.

It is important to point out that there are no plans to put such a "porch light" in action. Humanity has already sent probes with directions to Earth into interstellar space in the hope that something will find the spacecraft and make a journey to our planet. At some point we might find something, either in one of these ways or quite by chance. Let's just hope they are in a good mood.

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