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Astros livid over ALC's cheating accusations vs. Yankees

NEW YORK – The Houston Astros are sick of the cheating allegations, and Thursday are fired back at anyone perpetuating the idea they are doing anything against the rules.

There were several stories written in New York's media outlets that The Yankees were angry with whistling coming from the Astros dugout, so while banging pipes in Game 1 of the ALCS, they were spying on the Yankees or picking up pitches on TV monitors.

"In reality, it's a joke, 'Astros manager AJ Hinch said. "Major League Baseball does a lot to ensure the fairness of the game. There are people everywhere. If you go through the dugouts and the clubs and the hallways, there's so many people around that are doing this.

"And then I got some questions about whistling, it made me laugh because it's ridiculous.

"So to me, I understand the gamesmanship.

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If the Yankees really believe that the Astros are cheating, Hinch says, then do not hide behind anonymous quotes.

"The problem I have is when other People take shots at the outside of this competition, '' Hinch said. "When you guys ask me this question, my face, my name is by my quotes" But we have people that are unnamed, or you guys have sources that are giving you information. If you're so passionate about it to my team or my players. …

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