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At $ 7,799, could you imagine this cute Toyota recording in 1993?

Photo: Craigslist

Take a look at the Nice Price or Crack Pipe Toyota truck, then look at both its age and mileage. Yes, something is just not right. We will find out if that is something, is its price.

At first glance, yesterday's 2004 VW R32 was a bit confusing. It was claimed that the car had a "clean blue Texas title", which is to be understood that it was never scrapped and rebuilt. However, this was initially challenged by the odd choices of outfitting the nose with a later bumper cap and swapping the R32 seats for smaller chairs. The final blow came from Jalop deluxe, As Du Volant, who took the trouble to get the CarFax report on the car. This damned document showed two accidents in 2011, including a worrying incident that hindered the damage.

As you might expect, it all adds up to something, but not for $ 8,750. If you have not guessed, the car called for a 63 percent crack pipe loss. Arrr !

In Oscar Wilde's Only Novel The picture of Dorian Gray sells the title hero's élan vital so his portrait could not age. It's pretty trippy stuff, and given the seeming timelessness of actors like Keanu Reeves, Gabrielle Union, Jered Leto, and Marisa Tomei, I'd guess this soul-selling business is still booming today.

You could easily add this 1993 Toyota Deluxe Cab V6 4WD pickup to this list of immortals. Toyota trucks, especially those of the 80s and 90s, have an enviable reputation for longevity, as even the Top Gear clowns could not send them for lack of performance. These trucks are only able to roll with every abuse you can hand out.

You do not have to look so good when they do!

The truck is red on gray, which reminds of Wild's most important vain. See what I did there?) Character, and the blood pact that was made to stop his biological clock. However, I think the similarities end there, as there is no evidence that there is a truck's polaroid sitting in a demolition yard, consuming and consuming it.

It could be, and that would explain how after 25 years and 194,000 miles, this elongated cab pickup looks so damn good inside and out.

What, were these miles crumbling in a kind of protective bubble? How else could you explain the flawless presentation of this truck? Go around and you'll find that the color shines like the day it was built, and the factory stripes still adorn its flanks. The original factory wheels show no sign of intrusion, and the bumpers have no bumps. Gosh, at 25 I did not look so good.

The only sign of age on the truck at all is that some of the 4WD logos carry on the rear mudflaps. These are handy as the truck is a 4X4. Together with the 4WD, this truck carries a 150-horsepower / 180 lb ft 3VZ-E V6 torque. This 3-liter is the only SOHC V6 that Toyota has ever offered, and here it is associated with a four-speed automatic transmission.

The seller says that the truck has been inspected and has received a clean health. This offering dealer also claims that the truck was carefully maintained by its older former owner.

This property record goes a long way in explaining the apparently miraculous condition of the truck. Vintage cars tend to handle their cars in one of two ways. Either they give it with the utmost care, because who has the money to buy a new at today's prices? "Alternatively, they use them as mammoth rein probes, scratching at every bar and parked car, not caring the result.

Luckily, this Toyota seems to come from the former category, and that makes it pretty special. The price is $ 7,799 and it is your duty now to decide if it seems fair or not. What do you think, is this incredibly clean Toyota the $ 7,799 that asks? Or is this price a deal with the devil?

You decide!

Seattle, WA Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H / T to Bernie Obert for the connection!

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