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At Comic-Con 2018 Shazam and Wonder Woman will try to attract fans

Small spoilers for various films and TV shows below. Read with care

Who needs Marvel Studios and the Avengers? Certainly not this year the San Diego Comic-Con.

The annual Con, which started with a preview evening on Wednesday, started off with some of their biggest headliners. After Infinity War hit the homes via Blu-ray and the next Avengers movie in 2019, Marvel Studios have withdrawn from a major presence at the convention. Likewise, the main HBO franchises Game of Thrones and Westworld are a no-show

Compare that to last year when Stranger Things Game of The Thrones and Westworld had key panels, and Marvel featured with exclusive footage on Infinity War, conceptual art for Captain Marvel and teases for Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok .


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With the DC Comic Con experience, you can channel Harley Quinn levels …


But that did not slow down the news while others tried to fill the vacuum. On Saturday, Warner Bros. went big with an expanded look at Aquaman, as well as shots of Wonder Woman 1984 and Shazam. WB's other major non-DC features are Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald. Godzilla: King of Monsters has beefed up his mind with a new trailer teasing four giant creatures for a massive rumble. Take a look at all the trailers here.

Transformers impressed with new material and information about some of the Decepticons that Bumblebee will face. Venom showed new material and confirmed at least one villain named Riot, who is another symbiont. The Cast and Showrunner behind Star Trek: Discovery dropped some bombs, including the fact that Spock would return . M. Night Shyamalan brought together his Unbreakable and Split Universe with his trailer for Glass .

The congress organizers hope this is enough to keep the fans in San Diego for the 49th Comic-Con International. The convention, which will attract more than 135,000 people – many of them in costumes from Wonder Woman to Batman – has grown from a comic book niche to an entertainment mecca of the A-list stars and big Hollywood -Franchises like Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

Even though Hall H will not have insanely long lines, there will be cosplay, exclusive geek merchandise, and even a futuristic Taco Bell . There is a lot going on, so here is a Survival Guide for the as well as 13 comics for reading to get you in the mood. For a complete list of events go to here . Continue reading for the highlights.

Warner Bros. Dominance

Justice League was … something. The film should have been a milestone for the DC Extended Universe, but it ended with a lower receipt than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the critically and commercially beloved Wonder Woman.

DC Saves with Early Footage Wonder Woman's 1984 fight in a mall, as well as Aquaman and Shazam. The actor Jason Momoa was one of the highlights of last year's Justice League exhibition. He ran triumphantly down the Hall H audience hall, abandoning the fans with his antics. Aquaman director James Wan showed more footage this year after having shown a short teaser and some conceptual art last year. The movie will be released in December.

Costumes were issued to Shazam in the DC booth. The movie about a boy who can become a mighty superhero with "Shazam" has seen a slow trickle of new pictures of Zachary Levi as the red-and-yellow costumed character before he ever saw him glory in the trailer. DC has managed to arouse interest in the character as it is a step back from people like Batman or even Aquaman for casual audiences. Nonetheless, the fun atmosphere offers something very different from the Zack Snyder universe of yore.

DC and Warner Bros. also released titles and release information about the new Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix. It is separated from another joker movie starring Jared Leto, who depicted the clown Prince of Crime in Suicide Squad.


Watch this: [19659008] Star Trek: Discovery Cast Teases at Comic-Con 2018


But it's not just about movies. DC released its DC Universe service with a monthly subscription price of $ 8, linking a library of new and old films and TV shows to a catalog of comic books. It even created intense themed rooms as part of the "DC Experience" on the show and even made you crazy with a bat in a padded cell. In DC Universe exclusive series like Titans are shown. The first trailer was premiered on Thursday.

Bad Timing

This year's Comic-Con is entering a difficult time for many important franchises. Marvel had a sell-off earlier this year with Black Panther and Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the wasp are now in theaters. The next MCU film, Captain Marvel, will be premiered next March.

Likewise, Westworld has just completed its second season and the last season of Game of Thrones will be premiered next year.

The First Female Doctor

Jodie Whittaker has one of her first major public appearances as the new face of Doctor Who . She made waves as the first female doctor and should shed light on how her version of the previous 12 incarnations will stand out.

The cast stated that the show was more comprehensive, stressing that Doctor Who is for all – an answer to controversy that sparked by her casting.


Jodie Whittaker, the first female Doctor Who, will perform at the Comic-Con.


Venom lands at Comic-Con

The Marvel flag still sailed thanks to Sony Pictures, which brought Tom Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer from Venom to the convention. They just shot the Hall-H audience, and Fleischer teased more than a villain in the movie.

Transformers Throws Michael Bay

Paramount went all-in to # 39; stopping with Stan Bush to play "You Got The Touch" – a kind of hymn to all Transformers fans. it was the marquee song for Transformers: the movie).


The latest Transformers movie takes place in the 1980s and its latest teaser suggests the cleaner robotic designs of the original cartoon. Like Venom, recordings of new scenes from the film were only released in Hall H. The sister site Gamespot describes the enemies as a triple changer and director Travis Knight said the film would visit Cybertron.

That may inspire old-school fans of comics, but it's still unclear whether the fans of the Michael Bay movies will be satisfied. But given the listless reception of Transformers: The Last Night, a rethink was needed.


21st Century Fox brought its quasi-reboost sequel to Predator in Hall H Thursday to rekindle the franchise. Director Shane Black, who appeared in the original alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, wants to bring back the same magic.


Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser / CNET

The new material featured a more humorous side of the film, and there were more Predator-on-Predator bouts, as suggested by the improved Predator in the last trailer.

(Check out our interview with the Predator Actor Keegan-Michael Key .)

Star Trek: Discovery returns the Enterprise

Star Trek: Discovery ended the opening season with many questions. But most urgently, what's the Enterprise doing here?

The cast and executive producers of the show came up with answers to the Comic-Con. A new trailer debuted suggestively both on action and on comedy. The cast speaks about the lighter tone of the war, and Star Sonequa Martin-Green talked a lot about family. Meanwhile, executive producer Alex Kurtzman promised fans would get even more responses when "dubbed with Canon"

(Disclosure: Star Trek: Discovery appears on CBS All Access and CNET is owned by CBS.) [19659014] The Walking Dead Say Goodbye to Rick

The most popular show in America is back with a trailer for next season, which starts in October. The show will go through a leap in time. Actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays lead actor Rick Grimes, confirmed reports that he would go to this season.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon make their mark

Netflix is ​​firmly on the comic-con thanks to his Marvel franchises [Darsteller, Jessica Jones und Luke Cage] but sees his presence with The Dragon Prince, a series of creators from Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as the animated restart of Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Unfortunately, there will not be a panel for Stranger Things like last year.

Amazon has a number of shows, including The Expanse, which saved it from being canceled after SyFy decided not to renew it for a fourth season. There is also Jack Ryan, a show based on the Tom Clancy series of books with John Krasinski (Jim) of The Office. The people behind this show have set up a training area at the Comic-Con to raise awareness.

Hulu calls Castle Rock, a J.J. Abrams-produced Anthology horror series, which contains characters and elements from various Stephen King stories.

Where does he get these toys from?

The Comic-Con is not just a place for entertainment. The fans are ready for Funko's exclusive pop characters or Lego's unique sets. In fact, Lego brings a life-size statue of Thanos to Comic-Con. It stands eight and a half feet tall, contains 91,350 bricks and weighs 450 lbs. Unfortunately it is not for sale.

In the meantime, Hasbro will be offering unique sets of various Transformers and action figures based on the Netflix Marvel series and Star Wars.

This year, Comic-Con has implemented a lottery system with many of the sellers, including Funko and Hasbro, with people who gain the right to buy goods a week ago. That did not stop Funko from being one of Comic-Con's most sought-after toys.

Random Mashup

Street Fighter and Power Rangers play together? Yes, only at Comic-Con.

The Taco Bell of the Demolition Man Returns

The Comic-Con is known for its interactive and immersive experiences in and around the convention. One of the better experiences was also one of the simpler ones: a restaurant that was rebuilt to look like the Taco Bell of San Angeles and the 2032 World of Demolition Man, this year's 25-year-old Anniversary celebrates.

From the pianist who played the Folgers jingle to the servers that greeted you with "Citizens" and "Taco Bell, be healthy," the organizers behind this activation did an impressive job around the fictitious 2032 Demolition To create man-universe. Even the first dish was a perfect match for the food served in the movie.

Unfortunately, the notorious three shells in the toilet were out of order. It is still the biggest mystery of the demolition man.

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