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At Fenway, the emotions are high when 3 are launched

BOSTON – Both manager and Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi were sent off Tuesday after Boston's 9-5 win over Boston Carapazza and Texas manager Chris Woodward were booted in sixth by record umpire Angel Hernandez.

Although he was banished by Carapazza, Benintendi was initially upset with Hernandez. He turned and shouted for Home Plate after grounding, and then Carapazza threw him.

"I know Angel did not hear me," Benintendi said. We're out there trying to win a game, I want to be a part of it, but I can not do that when I'm here. "

Cora came out to meet with Carapazza and Hernandez near the while Cora shouted at both referees, Benintendi continued barking from the top of the board.

Hernandez spoke to a pool reporter after the game, but said little to explain the ejection

"He violated the rules of the game" Hernandez said, "I am not free to discuss anything until I present the report tomorrow. Half an inning later, Woodward rushed out of the dugout following a downed call on the second base, Asdrubal Cabrera was initially confident and tried to turn a single into a double, but second-tier referee Jordan Baker changed his mind Woodward went straight to Hernandez and complained that he did not have enough time to challenge the call, and Hern√°ndez let him get angry for a moment before giving his first ejection to the manager in the first year.

"I want only consistency – that's all – from the referees, "Woodward said, but most referees give you the ultimatum when it comes to the 30 seconds, I do not have a 30-second clock in mind, I'm not that gifted."

Hernandez said Woodward apparently did not hear when he was told that time was running out to challenge the call.

& # 39; Hernandez said, "These are rules, it's my job to enforce them."

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