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At Gametime, you can buy tickets for games and concerts already started – TechCrunch

Ticketing app Gametime goes as far as possible at the last minute, with the introduction of a new feature called LastCall. This allows users to purchase tickets through Gametime until 90 minutes after the start of an event.

Why do you want to do that? Well, prices usually fall sharply after the event starts – for example, Gametime said, 48 hours before a game, the average price of a major league baseball (at random?) Is $ 48, but it's around 90 after the first field Minutes Decreased

Founder and CEO Brad Griffith admitted that most fans are probably not interested in appearing only for the fourth quarter or ninth inning of a match or for the last song of a concert. On the other hand, if you could get a big discount and still make the most of the event, maybe it's worth it.

In the meantime, if you are a team or a venue with empty seats or if you are a ticket holder who realizes at the last minute that you can not attend, then it's good to have one last hit on the sale to have these tickets.

In fact, this sounds like one of those "announcements" that are partially acknowledged, which has already happened, both in the Gametime app and elsewhere. Griffith said the company doubled in this last-minute-last-minute category of tickets, adding that it was "constantly working through what's actually under the umbrella of LastCall." "The key element is the research we've done and how it relates to the growth of this phenomenon, "he said.

This survey includes a survey of 287 participants, some of whom use Gametime and some who do not. Apparently, 27 percent said they had bought tickets after the start of an event, and 62 percent of those late buyers were either Generation Z or Millennials.

And while Gametime started with a focus on sports, LastCall will get tickets from a variety of live events. Griffith said that concerts are now the fastest growing category of the app, and he suggested that this approach could help sell fewer concert tickets overall.

"We're starting to see a ramification of windows On-sale is still healthy, strong, and the middle may be scratchy in terms of transaction volume," he said. "And then last-minute is dynamic and growing fast. Here we want to do our best. "

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