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At Summer: Ohio State 55, Indiana 52 – In the Hall

Quick Thoughts on a 55-52 Defeat to the State of Ohio:

How It Happened : Indiana's Free Fall continued on Sunday afternoon and its limited hopes for the NCAA Tournament were hit with a fourth hit in a row loss. The Hoosiers started slowly again and played most of the afternoon from behind. Unlike some other opponents who invaded the Assembly Hall and left victorious, the state of Ohio has never retreated. And when Indiana took a 52-49 lead with a gap of 1

:46, it looked like the Hoosiers could prevail in a competition where they could not win a deal. But after Devonte Green's 3-pointer IU had given the 3-point lead, the Buckeyes had the rest of the way. A CJ Jackson attack built him at 1:11 in 52 and after Indiana turned Andre Wesson with 20 seconds ahead of the victory for the Buckeyes.

Outstanding Actors : Romeo Langford's Team High 15 points came on a 6:13 shooting range, and Devonte Green was firmly on the bench with 10 points. Juwan Morgan scored only three points, but got 14 rebounds with a career high of 14.

A statistic that stands out : It was another bad offensive performance for the Hoosiers, as they only gained 39.6 percent from the field shot and only 0.88 points earned per possession.

Recent IU Individual Statistics :

Final Pace-Free Statistics :

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