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Atlanta pollen counts the highest of the year

It may be warm and sunny, but with that the pollen count on Saturday is as high as never before.

With 1,922 pollen particles per cubic meter of air accumulated in the last 24 hours, even those who do not normally experience spring allergies may feel a bit sneezy today, said Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Katie Walls.

Warm temperatures, sunshine, and less cool mornings have caused trees to pollinate more.

The pollen numbers should continue to rise in the next few weeks and reach their peak in mid-April as the temperatures are warm, Walls said.

Pine, oak, sycamore, sweet gum and birch are responsible for this time of year, and pollen count is highest in the morning.

The spring pollen season usually begins in mid to late March, but the number of pollen in the Metro Atlanta rose significantly this year to four places.

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"Not everyone is allergic to the same or irritated," said Walls. "But when numbers go up in the thousands, even if you are not allergic to pollen, you may be irritated."

End In April and May, the number of grass pollen generally increases, while the number of pollen in trees decreases ,

Those suffering from allergies this weekend might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday for relief, saying Wall's front pulls into the Metro Atlanta, but it's unlikely to rain enough to dispel the pollen counts.

However, cooler temperatures, which are expected to hit the 1930s on Monday and Tuesday mornings, could affect pollen counts before returning to the week later.

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Allergy specialists recommend removing clothes after they have been outdoors to remove pollen irritants in the home. This also means you need to wash your animals outdoors so they do not bring allergens indoors, Walls said.

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