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Attention, a walk to the fans: Mandy Moore and Shane West Reunite at their Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

  Mandy Moore, Shane West, Dan Fogelman

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If you can even believe it, it's been 17 years Mandy Moore and Shane West tore at the heart in 2002 when he came with the coming-of-age drama A Walk to Remember .

began. Fast forward to 201

9 and the two Hollywood stars give film fans a "glory". Both Moore and West met for a special event on Monday, March 25.

When she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the This Is Us is bubbling Actress on Her Achievement and Credits A Walk to Remember as a "monumental project" that helped shape her acting career.

"A career is shaped by so many things, and for me there is two monumental projects that represent both my beginning and my origin I am now, "the 34-year-old star begins her speech at the ceremony.

She also thanks Shane and This Is Us Creator, Dan Fogelman for her opening remarks and immense support from her.

The 34-year-old actress continues her speech, saying, "It only takes one person to see a spark in them for you to see that You may not see yourself giving yourself permission to go beyond what the world can or do expect from you, and to change the path of your life and career completely. "[19659009]" Review of this time [on A Walk to Remember ] My first lead role, I have to think of my poor, sweet co-star Shane, who explains the basics of filmmaking I like it, like I have achieved my goal and when and how I will deliver my lines, "she confesses.

For her, the 40-year-old actor made her acting experience all the better as he was" extremely patient, kind, and so talented. "

She concludes with a more sentimental touch." Honestly, none of us knew that this project had the reach and the resonance that it had over the years, with new generations who discovered it and fell in love with a story will forever occupy a very special place in my heart.

Last month star Gotham star talked about the collaboration with This Is Us actress in the romantic drama 2002 in an interview with E! News.

"Mandy was phenomenal and my best friend when we worked on it, "Shane recalls." We did not have anything that had been so successful, and that's probably one of my favorite memories. "

" Stars have always been our thing, " Subtitles Mandy her Instagram post along with one before and after the picture of her and the West. "Thanks to @theshanewest for his kind words on this very special day that I'll never forget. It was a walk (of fame) to remember. "

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Kevin Winter / Getty Images [19659016] Congratulations to Mandy for her Hollywood Walk of Fame star!

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