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Australia wants to kill millions of wild cats by shooting poisonous sausages from the air

The Australian government wants to free the country from 2 million wildcats by 2020 by throwing poisonous sausages, gunshots and other controversial practices out of the air.

The government announced it would kill two million cats by next year In 2015, a recent communication received concern about the country's indigenous species and wildcats as one of the "main threats" to biodiversity of the country.

"Committed to fighting wildcats and cats In other invasive species, we will significantly reduce the impact of wildlife and increase the resilience of our native species," the government continued in its "Endangered Species Strategy." [19659002] The first believed arrival of the cats in the country took place around the year 1

700, according to CNN Since that time, the government said that "over 130 of Australia's known species have been extinct forever and for us and for the world." There are supposedly between 2 and 6 million wildcats estimated in Australia.

According to the New York Times, the government's plan to eliminate two million wild cats in the country is to discard sausages with a poison called 1080, with species like cats Wild dogs and foxes are reportedly killed and reportedly also to be caught and shot.

A council in Queensland He even went so far as to pay $ 10 per head for every wild cat, reports CNN.

PETA Australia condemned the plan to use "toxic" baits containing toxic 1080 can be cruel, "but claimed that cats, if they only live wild," can be very dangerous to native animals ".

The group said, "Enclosing and, if necessary, including wildcats is the only way we can humanely remove these animals from the environment. "

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