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AMS data October: Unemployment in the Zwettl district continues to decline

DISTRICT ZWETTL. At the end of October, Zwettl registered 608 people, 295 of them women and 31

3 men, unemployed at the Employment Service (AMS). Compared to the previous year, this means 58 fewer job seekers (down 8.7 percent). In addition, currently 116 people (previous year: 145 persons) use various training programs offered by the AMS.

At the end of October, AMS Zwettl had tendered 298 immediately available positions for placement, which is 16 more than at the same time in 2018. "We therefore focus on consistent placement at the AMS," explains Kurt Steinbauer, branch manager of the AMS Zwettl. "As the number of job opportunities increases, we can also offer more job placement suggestions to our job-seeking clients. And this with success: This year, 2,406 jobseekers registered with AMS Zwettl have already succeeded in returning to their jobs. "

" The situation of young people in the labor market is comparatively favorable: the number of unemployed under 25 is 73 and thus 5.2 percent It is also very pleasing to note that the number of long-term unemployed people earmarked for the AMS Zwettl has fallen further, from 104 to 95, "said Steinbauer. On the other hand, the labor market situation for older unemployed people over the age of 50 is more aggravated: At the end of October, the AMS Zwettl registered a total of 294 job seekers of the 50 plus generation.

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