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APEX Digital Health: New € 50 million HealthTech Fund

The investment company APEX Ventures, headquartered in Vienna and Frankfurt, intends to raise 50 million euros for the new HealthTech fund APEX Digital Health by next year. We talked to the chief APEX partner Gordon Euller about the details.

 APEX Ventures: Gordon Euller is in charge of the new APEX Digital Health Fund

(c) APEX Ventures: Gordon Euller is primarily responsible for the new APEX Digital fund Health

In the fall of 2017, APEX Ventures announced the closing of its first APEX One fund. Around ten million euros had been set up for early stage deep tech investments. The holding company, based in Vienna and Frankfurt, has now presented its next major project at the Austrian Health Forum. For the new seed fund APEX Digital Health, they want to collect 50 million euros by next year. As the name implies, it is planned to invest in HealthTech startups. As with the first fund, it specializes in deep tech solutions in the early stages.

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Focus on roofing in Raising and Investments

The lion's share The capital for APEX Digital Health is said to come from institutional investors, such as provident funds ̵

1; primarily from the DACH region – reveals the APEX partner Gordon Euller, who is primarily responsible for the new fund, in an interview with the brutkasten. "Overall, it should be a mix of investors, in which also financially strong individual investors are there," says Euller. Later, the focus will be on startup scouting in the DACH area as well as in the CEE region. "We will only take over the lead there. However, we will also strategically co-invest in the rest of Europe, in the US and in Israel. "

APEX Digital Health: ticket sizes between € 300,000 and € 600,000

The ticket size is said to be between 300,000 and 600,000 euros. "For follow-up rounds, however, we will always cover at least twice as much," says Euller. Preferably one wants to co-invest. Euller is also open to collaboration with other domestic healthcare investment vehicles, such as Uniqa Ventures or the recently announced Digital Health Fund of Lucanus Polagnoli, Michael Ströck, who is also supported by Hansi Hansmann. "We have good contacts with the other players. In general, we see the venture capital business as very collaborative, "says the APEX partner.

Gordon Euller: Radiologist, Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur

Incidentally, APEX Digital Health is not just about capitalizing on portfolio startups. "We also want to act as a company builder, bringing in our know-how and our network of players from the industry. Of course, it's also about making the structure of startups fit for follow-up rounds, "says Euller. A specialist in radiology, a former McKinsey healthcare consultant and a two-time founder, the APEX partner has a considerable mix of competencies.

Two HealthTech Startups APEX-Porfolio

Already with APEX One, they had two HealthTech -Startups – both from Vienna – invested. ImageBiopsy Lab's KI solution supports physicians in orthopedic-radiological diagnoses. contextflow facilitates the work of radiologists with the help of a search engine for 3D-CT scan images and deep learning. The two APEX portfolio startups are thus directly in the medical department of Euller.

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