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B6-Streckenradar: Hanover Administrative Court prohibits sector control

The nationwide first speed measurement by sector control is unlawful according to administrative court Hanover in operation and must be shut down immediately. In response to the court decision, the Ministry of the Interior in Hanover announced that it would immediately decommission the plant at Bundesstrasse 6 near Laatzen.

The trial had begun two months ago. Also referred to as "section control" or track radar, the system does not measure speed at one point, but rather measures the average speed on a longer section.

However, judging the marks of all vehicles entering the control area is, in the opinion of the judges into the constitutionally guaranteed informational self-determination. For this intervention it needed a legal basis. This missing, explained a spokesman of the administrative court. But the dispute over the radar can still go to the next instance.

Since the start of trial operation on the B6 in Laatzen near Hanover two months ago, 1

41 speeders have been caught. Tempo 100 is permitted, the fastest raced through the control section at a speed of 189.

Good experiences abroad

Investigations in Belgium have shown that a track radar can increase safety. There, the number of tempo- rator detonators sank on affected sections, and the number of accidents before and after the monitored area also fell. In addition to fixed section controls, there are also mobile section controls in Belgium, for example at construction sites.

Due to the good experience, the number of radar sections on the route is even to be expanded to replace stationary speed cameras. While motorists suddenly brake there and then accelerate again, the so-called "Trajectcontrol", according to Belgian experience, ensures a more even flow of traffic and a calmer traffic situation.

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