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beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR combines headphone and microphone for gaming applications – GAMEtainment

Teamwork for streaming: TYGR 300 R gaming headphones and USB microphone FOX are TEAM TYGR's perfect bundles for Twitch, YouTube and Co.

In nature, Fox and Tiger rarely work together, but in gaming now : beyerdynamic presents with TEAM TYGR the perfect complete package for gaming and streaming. The bundle of the USB microphone FOX and the brand new gaming headset TYGR 300 R allows excellent sound with completely uncomplicated operation – set up, plug in, play loose. Streamers can focus on the content of their channel and enjoy the excellent sound of the headphones while the audience enjoys the professional studio quality of the FOX.

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Your stream, your team: The compact streaming setup

The effortless setup and easy operation of TEAM TYGR are the result of the summary all necessary components in the compact housing of beyerdynamic FOX. In addition to the high-quality capsule, the microphone also includes the microphone preamplifier, analog-digital as well as digital-to-analog converter and a headphone amplifier. Instead of having to build and connect all these elements individually, TEAM TYGR combines the entire audio part of the streaming setup into two lightweight, compact and rugged components: TYGR 300 R headphones and FOX microphone.

Platform-independent top performance

The TEGR TYGR offers another advantage over many complex professional solutions – it can be easily connected to the game console. This makes it possible to stream games, not just from a computer, but also directly from PlayStation®4 or Xbox One. Whether it's classically streamed from a PC or a console, with reliable and high-quality technology, the games are even more fun and players can bring the best performance. Better voice quality, better sound – better performance!

The hardware upgrade to Legendär

beyerdynamic is known for the high standards that the Heilbronn-based company places on the quality of its products. Thus TEAM TYGR also offers outstanding sound characteristics with clear, clear decrease of the language via the USB microphone FOX and the transparent, powerful reproduction of the open headphone TYGR 300 R. The latter is completely in the tradition of the gaming legend MMX 300 and offers through the production

Availability and Price

The beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR is now available in limited quantities in the beyerdynamic online shop at www.beyerdynamic.de for a recommended retail price of 349.00 Euro (VAT included) available. From January 2019, TEAM TYGR will be available in unlimited quantities in the online shop and in specialist shops.

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