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Börse Express – Oil prices change little to the end of the week

Oil prices have come down on Friday
strong losses stabilized in the current week. The price
for a barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent laced to
Week ending at 6 cents to $ 62.03. Had a week ago
a barrel but still nearly $ 67 tasted. The price for one
Barrel of the American variety West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell
on Friday at 17 cents to 55.13 dollars. This cost a barrel well
five dollars less than last Friday.

The day before had fears of further tightening in the
Trade dispute between the US and China weighed on oil prices. The
US oil price was in the peak at more than two dollars a barrel
like. US President Donald Trump had Beijing with others
Punitive duties threatened.

Before the weekend, oil prices are plagued by concerns
Escalation of the situation on the Persian Gulf. After Several
Incidents with oil tankers said US President Donald Trump on
Thursday, the US destroyed an Iranian drone. Iran
denies, however, having lost a drone.

"Even the further aggravation of the crisis in the Middle East gives
the oil prices currently no significant boost ", described
Commodities expert Carsten Fritsch of Commerzbank trading. "As
it seems, the worries about a renewed grow on the oil market
Oversupply. "Demand is developing less robust than
expected, said Fritsch and referred to the International
Energy Agency, which last its forecast for the worldwide
Demand for crude oil had decreased. /Jsl/jha/


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