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Bosnians swam naked in the Braunauer indoor pool

Completely naked, with an erect penis and striped condom, a 61-year-old Bosnian from the district of Braunau am Inn in the basin of the Aquawelt Braunau swam according to witnesses. The incident was particularly explosive due to the fact that at the same time a children's afternoon took place in the bathroom. As a result, many of the children were largely underage.

At around 2.30 pm, a 61-year-old swimmer noticed the incident with her swimming goggles. She contacted the lifeguard, who responded immediately. He asked the man to get out of the water, whereupon he put on his bathing trunks and got out of the water.

The man then hid in a dressing room to remain undetected by the police patrol. He hid his valuables in one of the lockers.

The officers could still seize him. The Bosnian attempted to conceal his identity by repeated misrepresentations.

Arrested and reported

The man was arrested and taken to the police station. In the subsequent search of the indoor pool, the valuables of the man could be found. In addition, the officials found in the parked in front of the indoor pool car of the 61

-year-old finally the documents of the man and so could clarify his identity. At his interrogation he did not show himself. He was shown at large.

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