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Brexit dispute overshadows the Labor Party Congress | Nachrichten.at

The five-day party convention of the British Social Democrats began this weekend in Brighton, southern England, with an appeal for unity. Labor Secretary-General Jennie Formby called for unity. For the main opposition party must focus "100 percent on it" to defeat the conservatives in upcoming elections.

The party congress is nevertheless overshadowed by the internal dispute over the Brexit course. The Labor Party is deeply divided in view of the EU exit: While a large part of the leadership in the House of Commons for a move away from Brexit, party leader Jeremy Corbyn will not commit. "We will outline our plans to end the Brexit crisis," he wrote on Twitter. Corbyn's keynote address is scheduled for Wednesday.

In a guest post in the Guardian, the 70-year-old leader had said that Brexit should first be averted without a deal on October 31

. If the no-deal Brexit off the table, he wanted to bring about a new election. "A Labor government would conclude a reasonable agreement (…) including a new customs union with the EU, a close relationship with the internal market and guarantees for workers' rights and environmental protection."

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