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Cream of ice cream often burdened with germs

 In summer an ice cream tastes particularly good - unfortunately there are sometimes too many germs to be found in it.

In summer, an ice cream tastes particularly good – unfortunately too many germs are sometimes found in it.

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Do. July 18, 2019

Especially in summer ice is very popular with young and old. The State Inspection Office Rhineland-Palatinate (LUA) has therefore examined more than 1,000 samples of ice cream from ice cream parlors, pastry shops and restaurants during this and the past ice season. Especially the cream served with ice cream was often objected to.


Of the 1,000 ice samples examined, about ten percent were inappropriate. In half of the challenged samples, the ice was contaminated with a high number of hygiene germs such as Enterobacteriaceae, Bacillus cereus or Escherichia coli. Although these bacteria do not cause immediate illness, they often indicate a hygiene problem during operation.

The other half of the criticized ice samples did not meet the legal requirements for other reasons: fruit ice without fruit, vanilla ice cream without real vanilla, unrecognized allergens such as almonds or hazelnut, incorrectly declared dyes and even two exceedances of the maximum permissible level of pesticides. Residues in mango and chocolate ice cream. The detected pesticides had reached the ice via the used mango fruits and the cocoa beans.

From a hygienic point of view, the cream is often more problematic than the ice cream. During this and the past ice season, around 170 cream samples were tested for their microbiological properties at the LUA. The result: 85 samples – half of them – had to be complained of because of a partly serious contamination with germs. In some cases, the cream was even tasteless no longer suitable for consumption. The cause was in most cases in the insufficient cleaning of the cream machine, because the original packaged liquid cream was germ-free.


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