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Divers discovered jellyfish as big as a human being

Cornwall – A giant jellyfish has been discovered by divers off the English coast of Cornwall. Biologist Lizzie Daly and cameraman Dan Abbott, who specializes in animals, stared at the unusually large lung jellyfish, the British news agency PA reported. It should be about the size of an adult human being ̵

1; usually only half the size of this species.

The biologist and cameraman posted a picture of the jellyfish that often occurs off European coasts the social media. For humans, Rhizostoma pulmo, the scientific name of the jellyfish, is usually safe, Daly said. "The feeling of seeing a jellyfish of this size was incredible," said Abbott. "None of us had ever seen such a great one, and it was an impressive and beautiful experience to share their habitat for a few moments."

The biologist and cameraman were involved in the "Wild Ocean Week" fundraising campaign to protect the oceans on road. During their seven-day journey along the British coast, they also saw numerous seals, whales and dolphins, the two experts reported. (AP)

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