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Eight cattle died in a fire on a farm in Melk

"We have never had such a thing," says Franz Resperger from the Lower Austrian Fire Brigade Command. 450 firefighters were on duty in the district of Melk on Saturday afternoon. Within a few hours large fires broke out on two farms.

In Umbach near Kilb, a stable and farm buildings were in flames, eight cattle could not be released in time. The farmer was cared for by the Red Cross on suspicion of smoke poisoning. Only yesterday, four fire brigades were busy with extinguishing work. They had to carry large quantities of straw from the fire ruins to an already harvested field.

The fire had probably been triggered by a lightning strike. The fire brigades already had a lot to do when they arrived: Due to the previous storm, numerous trees had fallen onto the road.

Also in Kimming near Kirnberg burned a stable housing 50 cattle. All animals could be brought to safety by the fire department.

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