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Exploratory phase: Short today sets the final stone

This morning at ten o'clock ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz in the ÖVP headquarters in the Viennese Lichtenfelsgasse will set the official finale after the exploratory phase and announce in a statement also the turquoise Yes to coalition negotiations with the Greens.

> Livestream: The statement of ÖVP chairman Short to possible coalition negotiations with the Greens is transmitted from 09:55:

Last night, Kurz has in Vienna, the country's party leaders of the ÖVP, including Upper Austria's Governor Thomas Stelzer, to consultations. Also, the fret leaders were involved in the weekend and informed about the soundings.

Lower Austria's ÖVP provincial governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner was reserved, before the start of the actual negotiations with the Greens again bring other variants into play. She concluded in a Ö1

interview on Saturday, the new edition of a coalition with the FPÖ not decidedly: "This is always a matter of alternatives." One must leave this option open. Each party is required to assume political responsibility. Mikl-Leitner did not want to comment on preferences

There are still many skeptics in the People's Party regarding joint governing with the Greens. It has hardly addressed the real substantive issues, it is said. Upper Austria VP Country Managing Director Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer said in an interview with the OÖNachrichten on the weekend that the decisive factor would be which wing prevails in the Greens in the end.

The fact that negotiations are about to be negotiated soon is welcomed by the Austrians: According to a poll by Peter Hajek for ATV see 55 percent the start of genuine coalition negotiations between the ÖVP and the Greens positive.

Häme came from the FPÖ: "Kogler's Chaos troupe" already adhere to the People's Party, says FP General Christian Hafenecker.

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