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First liquid permanent magnet made of iron nanoparticles

New research field

First liquid permanent magnet made from iron nanoparticles

Scientists have created the world's first liquid permanent magnet made from iron oxide nanoparticles. In the future, for example, the new material could be used in robotics.

Berkeley (U.S.A.). So far, science has assumed that only solids can form true permanent magnets, since their structure ensures that the necessary uniform position of the atomic spins remains. For ferrous liquids, which can also generate a magnetic field, it was assumed that the magnetization can only persist as long as the atoms and molecules are held in position by an external magnetic field. Once the external magnetic field is removed, it should, according to accepted doctrine, cause a disordered movement of the atoms that destroy the magnetic field.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) scientists have now published a research paper in the Science Journal in which they prove that a permanent magnet can also be produced from a liquid.

Liquid obtains the properties of a solid magnet

Thomas Russell of the University of Massachusetts (UMass), who also explains that scientists have developed fluid, which behaves like a solid magnet so as to produce a liquid permanent magnet. During their experiments, different solutions were used with iron oxide-containing nanoparticles, which are normally only paramagnetic.

In combination with a liquid polymer and an oil, the nanoparticles formed tiny droplets with a thick crust, as the iron oxide-containing nanoparticles at the boundary layers collected.

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