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First trailer for Cats-Film: "Like a Nightmare on Drugs"

With more than 50 million viewers worldwide, Cats is one of the world's most successful and well-known musicals. In 1983 it was awarded seven Tony Awards – also played in London's West End for 21 years. Cats leads the ranking of the longest-played works in British musical history. That movie adaptation is fervently awaited does not surprise.

The first trailer to the movie version, which is to come to Christmas Christmas Cinema is likely to be the joyous one Expectation for many, however, have tilted. The star cast could not stop the devastating reactions to the trailer that was presented last night. Probably the most common word on social media portals to describe the movie musical is "scary".

Many Stars, Big Disappointment

After his success with "Les Mis é rables", director Tom Hooper was hired for the Cats movie adaptation. Jennifer Hudson takes on the role of Grizabella and plays the classic "Memory". Taylor Swift plays Bombalurina. Also Judy Dench Idris Elba James Corden and Rebel Wilson are present. But it does not help: For the first time, cat content is widely criticized and rejected, users joke on the Internet.

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