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Former manager of FC Schalke: Christian Heidel suffers stroke

Christian Heidel has suffered a stroke.

This reports the image newspaper. The former sports director of the Bundesliga FC Schalke 04 had reportedly be admitted to a clinic during his holiday in Turkey.

The incident had already occurred a week ago. Heidel's partner Stefanie Buchholz gave the first all-clear: "It looks good, he probably had good luck in the disaster."

Buchholz also stated that Heidel's former boss, Schalke's chairman of the board, Clemens Tönnies, had Heidel fly to the university clinic in Mainz with a private jet: "Clemens did not hesitate for a moment, we are infinitely grateful to him."

Am Tönnies Heidel then visited personally on Saturday.

In a short statement, Schalke confirmed the news of Bild and wished Heidel a speedy recovery. "We ̵

1; and I'm sure, all Schalker – Christian keep their fingers crossed during this difficult time and hope that he quickly gets back on his feet," says Alexander Jobst, Schalke's board of marketing and communications. In the announcement of the Royal Blues, it was said that the ex-employee "in accordance with the circumstances" go well.

Public criticism of Heidel

Heidel had given up his post with the Royal Blues in March 2019 after about three years. For his squad planning, the 56-year-old had been heavily criticized by many sides at this time.

Tönnies had also settled publicly with Heidel. "The team did not fit together," the Schalke boss said in May at Sky . "What's more, with Domenico Tedesco, we had a very young coach whom I admire greatly, he needed help, and if I had to blame Christian Heidel, he was not close enough to the coach."

He called Heidel daily and asked him if he could still motivate. When Heidel said no, they had to stop working together.

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