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Kickl calls judgment on BVT raids unworldly – News

Kickl takes the verdict, according to which the raids at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Countering Terrorism (BVT) were illegal, "of course". He calls the verdict, however, at the same time "cautiously formulated somewhat unworldly," as he says in an interview with the newspaper "Austria."


Was the house search in the BVT international cooperation with intelligence services difficult?

wonder What's inside

The Interior Minister wonders, "about one or the other, what's in there". For example, "that you could have received incriminating documents, evidence, in the form of a mutual assistance request ̵

1; in good German, that you ask those who are suspected, to give you what it burdens – then it seems to me, cautiously formulated, somewhat unworldly

"Nothing at all to do with it"

In any case, the Home Office did not have anything at all to do with these house searches, Kickl continues. Since the judiciary sat with the judiciary to court.

Kickl was again amazed that "the self-proclaimed detectors stubbornly refuse to acknowledge this."

The criticism of his minister colleague Josef Moser (lack of information of the judiciary, "investigation pressure") he mentioned with no word.

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