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Lenovo Yoga S940 in the test

tl; dr: What ThinkPad is for business use is yoga for the stylish consumer who demands laptops with sleek design and interesting features. The new Yoga S940 is one of Lenovo's ultraslim devices and offers a high-quality case, quiet operation and a very good Ultra HD display.

Lenovo is still synonymous with the former IBM brand ThinkPad for many people today However, the company offers numerous other notebook series. One of them is yoga, which once stood for convertibles and 2-in-1 devices, but now also houses normal notebooks with a classic design. One of them is the Yoga S940, which is said to be a flagship with devices like the Dell XPS 1

3 (review), the Apple MacBook Air, or the small MacBook Pro. It claims to be particularly slim, high-quality and well-equipped.

Four Configurations with Fair Prizes

With prices starting at € 1,699, the Yoga S940 plays in the upper class, but far more than 2,000 depending on the configuration Euro possible. The test device with top equipment has a list price of 2,299 euros. Lenovo currently offers four configurations of the S940 in its own online shop, but the manufacturer often provides additional compilations for online and local retailers.

The Yoga S940 in Lenovo's online shop

variants 1 and 3 are configurable and have two to four weeks delivery time, variants 2 and 4 are fixed configurations and can be delivered within two working days. Lenovo's upgrade pricing is fair, especially when compared to Apple. The change from Core i5 to Core i7 costs for example 143 Euro, Windows 10 Pro instead of Home 58 Euro more. 16 GB instead of 8 GB RAM are 71 euros and for the SSD upgrade to 512 GB or 1 TB, 58 euros or 164 euros are called. The most expensive upgrade concerns the 193 Euro UltraHD instead of the FHD display.

Sandblasted Aluminum Body

While Lenovo uses carbon fiber for its case on the most expensive ThinkPads, such as the X1 (test), Yoga comes with it S940 sandblasted aluminum is used, which brings the notebook closer to the aforementioned competition from Apple or Dell. Lenovo succeeds both an eye-catcher and a reserved appearance. The Yoga S940 leaves a very high-quality impression, as material thickness and torsional rigidity are at a high level. Noble details are the yoga logo on the lid and a yoga series engraving on the top of the lid.

The slightly different starting weight, depending on the equipment, is 1.2 kg, according to Lenovo, and only 1,186 grams , The notebook looks much more solid and robust in the hand. The Yoga S940 is a foot and a half wider than a MacBook Air, but not quite as deep. 31.93 × 19.74 × 1.22 cm (W × H × D) are dimensions that make the notebook consistently suitable for use on the go.

Lenovo calls iron gray the only color offered after opening on the keyboard and palm rest continues. There's a roughened Lenovo lettering to look and feel, but it's positioned so it does not bother typing. Aluminum is also used on the inside, with the exception of the keyboard and the display. The openings of the two loudspeakers have been precisely milled into the housing and are somewhat reminiscent of the Cupertino devices. Plus point for Lenovo: In addition to the look also convinces the sound of the speakers.

4K to 14 "with Curved Glass Cover

The Yoga S940 is a notebook that squeezes a 14-inch display into the case, which is more like the 13-inch class due to its narrow edges. Lenovo manages to pull the Full HD or Ultra HD screen like the tester to the edge of the lid without having to move the front camera to a position other than above the screen. A cleverly loosened bulge that does not appear annoying as such takes up the two Windows Hello certified cameras for biometric unlocking.

The display is at least as eye-catching as the high quality case. Lenovo claims to be offering the Yoga S940, the world's first notebook with glass around the screen for smoother edges. The glass covers the entire inside of the lid and is minimally rounded towards the edges, creating a smooth transition to the case. Disturbing reflections or color distortions, such as those that occur on some smartphones with curved displays, do not exist, because there is a black border running around the screen to prevent this.

The IPS display of AUO (B140ZAN01.3) displays at 14 inches 3,840 × 2,160 pixels, resulting in a high pixel density of 314 ppi. Lenovo delivers the Yoga S940 with a Windows scaling of 300 percent. In everyday life, however, the notebook was operated at 200 percent, since in this way two pixels in height and width can be combined and the usable area native native Full HD.

Very high maximum brightness

From the VESA, the screen has a certification for This means that the panel has to achieve 400 cd / m² for a short time as well as 320 cd / m² for a short time and the black value must not exceed 0.4 cd / m². Lenovo itself reports up to 500 cd / m². For the cheaper Full HD display, the manufacturer cites 400 cd / m².

 14-inch UHD display with good readings
14-inch UHD display with good readings

 Lenovo closes the display with slightly curved glass
Lenovo closes the display with slightly curved glass from

In the measurements, the screen performs significantly better than advertised by Lenovo. In the top, 594 cd / m² were measured in the upper third of the display, 581 cd / m² in the middle and 529 cd / m² at the location with the largest deviation, bottom right. The average maximum display brightness is 558 cd / m², the homogeneity is a good 94 percent. At the black level, the screen comes with an average of 0.448 cd / m² but not quite up to the specification of VESA. This results in a good, but not outstanding, contrast of 1.247: 1. This is a rather minor flaw of an otherwise excellent display, which also provides a good color match, which turns out to be not too cool with a white point at 7,200 Kelvin.

The Yoga S940 does not support multi-touch input, even though the screen is protected by a glass screen – Lenovo says it's anti-reflective glass, but it's not reflective In closed rooms like the office, you can still easily see your own picture on the light blue Windows background with medium brightness.Henovo has the advantage that the screen can become very bright when needed, so that reduce the reflections. This in turn has a negative effect on the runtimes, which suffer anyway from the 4K display.

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