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Lufthansa and UFO continue to advise on mediation

AUA mother Lufthansa remains uncertain about possible new strikes by flight attendants. Today, the company and cabin union UFO continued their explorations into a possible settlement of the collective bargaining conflict. Results should not be communicated until tomorrow, both sides declared in Frankfurt.

"Since we are still trying to find a way out of the escalation spiral after these extremely difficult months, we have agreed to use today's Monday to confidentially to talk to each other, "said Lufthansa personnel manager Bettina Volkens and UFO chairmen Sylvia De la Cruz and Daniel Flohr.

Two-day strike led to 1
,500 flight cancellations

Lufthansa had blocked collective bargaining with UFO for months and only after one Two-day strike with about 1,500 flight cancellations last week on UFO. The company was not able to stop the strikes, UFO had declared willingness to mediate.

Lufthansa and UFO have been arguing for nearly a year about whether collective bargaining will be initiated on the group's German airlines. The employer denied talks because UFO after internal dispute a downsized board until a new election in February is in office, which Lufthansa does not consider to represent the right.

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