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Metro Exodus – pre-order content announced – GAMEtainment

Deep Silver and 4A Games have announced the pre-order bonus for Metro Exodus. Pre-orderers of the Metro Exodus boxed version will receive the panoramic poster "The Creatures of Metro Exodus" as an add-on.
"The Creatures of Metro Exodus" is a panoramic poster depicting the diversity of mutants facing the crew of the Aurora presented during their journey through post-apocalyptic Russia. It will be included in all first editions of Metro Exodus – both the Standard and Aurora Limited Editions. Players who have pre-ordered a physical copy of Metro Exodus from a dealer will not need to change their order – the poster will be added automatically!

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The following additional pre-order bonuses are available for the Metro Exodus editions, depending on the platform:

· All Xbox One pre-orders, physical or digital, include a copy of Metro 2033 Redux – the first game of the Metro saga, redesigned for Xbox One
· All PlayStation 4 pre-orders, physical or digital, include a dynamic theme based on the Metro Exodus 'Winter' artwork
· All physical PC pre-orders and Steam pre-orders include a digital art book and the Metro Exodus soundtrack

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The year is 2036. A quarter of a century after the nuclear annihilation of the World, several thousand survivors in the metro tunnels of the ruins of Moscow cling to their existence.
They defended themselves against the poisoned environment, fought mutants, survived paranormal horrors, and burned them in the flames of a civil war.
In the role of Artyom, it's up to you, a group of Spartan Rangers, to find a safe place
Explore the Russian wilderness in non-linear levels and experience the thrilling story that spans all seasons, from spring through summer and fall to the nuclear winter.
Inspired from the stories of Dmitry Glukhovsky's, Metro Exodus continues the adventures of Artjom in the biggest ever metro adventure yet.
• Start an incredible journey aboard the heavily armored steam locomotive Aurora, with a handful of survivors to start a new life.
• Sandbox Survival – The gripping story verb classic metro-gameplay with gigantic non-linear levels.
• A beautiful, deadly world – Discover post-apocalyptic Russia, its breathtaking wilderness that comes to life through the change of day and night as well as dynamic weather effects.
• Deadly Combat and Sleaze – Loot Loot and customize your arsenal of handcrafted weapons. Face mutants and enemy factions in thrilling tactical battles.
• Determine the fate of your comrades – Not all of your comrades will reach their destination alive. Your decisions have a direct impact on the story and fate of your companions, which guarantees a high replay value.
• Unprecedented immersion and atmosphere – A flickering candle in the dark, a gasp under your freezing gas mask, the howling mutants in the nocturnal Wind – Metro will cast a spell on you like no other game!

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