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Microsoft Edge: Support for e-books set in ePub format

The Edge browser will soon stop supporting ebooks. After Microsoft has been selling digital books for several months in its own store, the function to open the corresponding files is now not included in the Chromium-based version.

Microsoft has announced this on the official support page (via MSPoweruser). Already the title "Download to ePub app to keep reading e-books" asks the users of the browser to download a separate application for opening e-books. Applications that can read .ePub files can be found in the Microsoft Store, among others. Alternatively, the tools can of course be installed via a normal Google search.

No acquisition in Chromium version

With the conversion of the EdgeHTML engine to Chromium, the integrated e-book reader is no longer a standard feature of the browser. For this reason, Microsoft would have to actively integrate the feature into the new version of the browser. Since the Redmond had finished the sale of digital books through the store anyway in April 201

9, the tool for opening .ePub files will no longer be submitted later. The support entry emphasizes that e-books with .ePub extensions are now excluded from support.

However, it is likely that the old Edge browser will continue to display ebooks as usual and that Microsoft will not completely remove the feature from the EdgeHTML based browser. Since the program will be replaced in the long term by the Chromium version, the Redmond company has now informed the users about the upcoming changes.

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