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National team is for NHL star Thomas Vanek "History"

Since the unsightly episode at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Thomas Vanek has not played for Austria anymore, so it stays that way.

The NHL star will not play for the national team, as he said in an interview with the "Krone "affirms:

" I think this chapter is closed to me, Team History, Team Principal Roger Bader is doing a really good job of promoting the young players, that's a good thing and the right way. "

Also Vanek renews his criticism of the path that Austrian ice hockey has taken.

Youth problem: too few good Austrians

"I said 1

0, 15 years ago what goes wrong," the 35-year-old complains criticizes the points rules in the EBEL. If you want to change something, you have to start with the offspring. If you do not have enough good Austrians for the league, you have to start there.

"In Austria, the players are developed at a young age, not 16, 17. This is what we have been doing wrong for years: We invest It's a pity, "says Vanek.

The fact that the 99ers are in the lead in the league is a delight to the Grazer. But whether the Styrians are first or tenth, would change nothing: "Will be in Graz in the future more money in the offspring, if they become champions? I do not think so, that's the sad thing."

Hope for Marco Rossi [19659006] Switzerland would bring more players to the NHL, with Nico Hischier the Swiss had even a number 1 pick in the draft. For Austria, this would be just as possible if you were to do a better job in the offspring.

Actually, it was hoped Vanek would pave the way for more Austrians into the NHL. With Michael Grabner and Michael Raffl, two Carinthians have been in the best ice hockey league in the world for years. However, supplies have not been available for a long time.

Whether the renewed wake-up call of the best ice hockey player in Austria ever helps? Vanek himself is based on the ideas of Bader fruit, but this would take about a decade.

Currently his hope for the next NHL Austrian Marco Rossi: "Marco Rossi could be the next, he is on the right track But I had hoped that several would follow suit. "

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