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Neverwinter: Undermountain extension now also for consoles

Just in time for the approaching anniversary, Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners can now play the latest Neverwinter expansion called Undermountain. In addition to 5 new adventure zones, a new social hub awaits players.

In addition, Protector's Enclave celebrates Neverwinter's sixth anniversary, the Guardian's Jubilee, from June 20 to 27 . Players will be able to participate in free giveaways, escort missions, the new Guardian Redeemer battle, and rewarding events like Elminster's News this week. All Anniversary activities grant commemorative figures and Neverwinterruf, which can be used to purchase unique thrones, mounts, and fashions exclusively available during the Sixth Anniversary Celebration.

All features of the expansion at a glance:

  • Undermountain Campaign – The many levels of the Unterberg are full of secrets, extraordinary rewards, miraculous creatures and great experiences. The Mad Magician has called adventurers into the great halls and sprawling caverns under Waterdeep, but what purpose does he pursue? Players must fight their way through five new adventure zones to get to the bottom of this mystery.
  • New Expedition System – This feature of Undermountain brings out the vastness and inscrutability of the many levels of the lower mountain. Expeditions, with their scaling and dynamic environments and repeatable quests, are becoming a new big challenge. Players look for magical relics, long-forgotten paths and the greatest treasures in the depths of the lower mountain.
  • Class revisions – In all eight classes of neverwinter balance adjustments of varying degrees were made in this expansion. Each class has also been renamed to match their names with the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The goal behind it was to make the classes more focused on their role in the group game and make each of the two paths in a class as effective and attractive as a choice.
  • Encounters with Halaster – The Mad Magician himself appears in the lower mountain in unforeseen moments and the players can measure their wits about him. Some encounters are a challenge, while others are rather bizarre. After all, he has complete control over the vault he creates and does what he wants.
  • Revisions Rewards – The most notorious vault in all of Faerun offers players one of the best loot in Neverwinter . In the process of raising the maximum level to 80, daring heroes can now capture more powerful loot, such as artefact sets of higher ranks.
  • Endgame Challenge Campaign Neverwinter's numerous campaigns (with the exception of Level Up Campaigns) now offer players three weekly quests that allow them to earn bonus currency for a campaign of their choice. They are free to complete these quests in older campaigns and as a reward to demand currency for new Endgame campaigns.
  • Redesigned Fellowship System – Player Companions now each fall into one of five categories. The more Companions a player has within a category and the better these Companions are, the more powerful an Active Companion will become in each category. With good synergy, the biggest bonuses can be achieved. The aim of these changes was to allow players to choose their companion as their active companion for any companion, without incurring any disadvantages.
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