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New Zealand without a chance – Canada in the last 16 | Sports Show – Home


by Olaf Jansen

Canada have made it clear they have made it into the World Cup knockout round with a 2-0 (0-0) win over New Zealand. In the final preliminary match against the Netherlands on Thursday (20.06.19) is about the group victory.

The Canadian women, who had won their first round match just with 1: 0 against Cameroon, started in Grenoble like the Fire Department. Again and again distributed director Sophie Schmidt sent the balls to the outside, where especially on the left side Janine Beckie could impress with their speed.

Kandas outside make steam

Right Nichelle Prince made a lot of steam, alone: ​​Despite great optical Superiority initially jumped out no scores. Because the Canadians revealed the problem, which was to see at this World Cup already in many visually superior teams: In the crucial zone, in the 1

6er, they did not act exactly enough or too complicated. So could the defenders of New Zealand, who had conceded in their kick-off match against the Netherlands (0: 1) the decisive goal only shortly before the end, always clarify at the last moment.

However, the Oceania champion had in the 15th minute to digest a shock as defender CJ Bott must be guided with a hand injury and pain-distorted face from the place. For her came Annalie Longo. But before the newcomer was on the pitch, Canada's Christine Sinclair almost got the lead. After a corner she had the ball on the ball, but hit only the crossbar (15).

possession 74 to 26 percent

More opportunities did not arise until the break – with a possession share of 74 percent was for The Canadians, of course, a disappointing intermediate conclusion.

What cleared up after the paging. Because it was only two minutes played, then the spell was broken: Prince, who had changed to the left wing for a change, prevailed, laid the ball from the baseline back flat and Jessie Fleming transformed freestanding from twelve meters to 1 : 0.

Prince makes it all clear

The New Zealanders started to play, but Canada remained superior. Sinclair, Prince and Fleming awarded further chances before Prince met in the 78th minute but then to 2: 0. After a post-header by Sinclair she pressed the ball from three meters across the line.

This was the thing clear and perfect for Canada in the first knockout round before the last group match. In the last preliminary match against the Netherlands, the team is now about to win the group.

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