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Nova Rock – Ibiza-Feeling: Politics, Mass and Foolishness at 35 degrees

Ibiza-Feeling dominated on the third day of the Nova Rock Festival in Burgenland – not only because the sun burned with temperatures around 35 degrees in the shade of the sky. "Going To Ibiza" by the Vengaboys served the political punk rock group Fine Cream Fish Fillet as an intro. At this time Powerwolf dried her stage gowns to sweat on Saturday in Nickelsdorf.

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	 Fine Cream Fish fillet with its energetic performance quickly had the audience under control, schnapps fountains and inflatable boat rides over the heads of the wildly dancing crowd were just as much part of it how clear political messages of the singer Jan "Monchi" Gorkow against homophobia, racism, xenophobia and fascist tendencies. "Is that cool!", Roared the frontman ̵<div class=

1; the rapidly growing audience in front of the Blue Stage agreed and celebrated to the last note. In parallel, JBO put on pure slap and thrilled their fans.


Powderwolf were on the program late in the evening, which pleased keyboarder Falk Maria Schlegel in the face of tropical conditions. "Our outfits are still wet from yesterday's show," said the German in the APA interview. With costumes and show elements reminiscent of fairs Powerwolf have become known. But also the music arrives: Twice you were at the top of the charts. "For us as a heavy metal band this is not so relevant, because of course we see ourselves as underground," says Schlegel. "But this subculture has grown and there are many faithful souls who buy our albums and thrust the constructed pop stars off the throne, which I think is quite nice."


The masking for performances is "quite a challenge, especially at such temperatures, you have to be careful not to topple off the stage," laughed the keyboarder. "Put on the make-up and put on the costumes, it takes time, we always say for fun: 'Who came up with that?' At the same time, I could not imagine giving it up anymore, I would rather be disguised when I'm on stage with jeans and a T-shirt. "


The only question left is how, as a powermetal band, you come up with the idea of ​​creating the stage show as a kind of fair? "We come from a Catholic area in Germany and have also enjoyed a Catholic education with the whole liturgy of the Catholic Church, which I found almost scary," replied Schlegel. "I've learned to play church organ – and eventually started listening to heavy metal – this music became a way of life, a kind of religion, and we eventually changed the game of symbols of the Catholic Church and put it into our show, but not


Schlegel's German compatriot Rin served a completely different genre: the rapper was aware of his outsider position at a rock festival, but he did out of necessity a virtue and brought the initially rather sparsely represented audience quickly into the boat. "Can you mosh pit?" Renato Simunovic asked, as Rin is called bourgeois, already on the second song and let his DJ pop an enormously bass-heavy beat out of the speakers. Accordingly, it was not just hands that blew up, but Rin's voice was rich in auto-tune treatment.


But it was not the only Rap artist to stay that day: after all, the head shoppers Die Toten Hosen are still faced with RAF Camora and Bonez MC – And in the spring, they sold the Wiener Stadthalle twice in a row. Chanting with electronically supported sounds that use dancehall and trap, that's what the young audience is about. Maybe also with rock fans.

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