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Pereira becomes head of the opera in Florence

The negotiations between Pereira and the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella – president of the foundation managing the opera house – had been successfully concluded, reported the Italian news agency ANSA. Pereira, whose contract with the Scala runs until June 2021, could dissolve the contract with the Milan Theater earlier, to switch to Florence, they say.

As the OÖN reported, the Scala Supervisory Board had decided at the end of June, the current State Opera Director Dominique Meyer from July 2021 to appoint the new Scala Intendant. The expiring in February 2020 contract of the acting since October 201

4 as Intendant Pereira was extended to June 2021. Known for his good contacts with sponsors, the 71-year-old is said to be helping to consolidate the opera house in Florence.

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