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Policemen shoot a boy (16) out of sight

Caracas. Socialist President Nicolás Maduro and self-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaidó have been fighting a fierce power struggle in Venezuela for half a year. The situation is still very tense. In light of the continuing violations of human rights and oppression in Venezuela, the European Parliament has called for additional sanctions for those responsible.

Demos for omnipresent shortage

People across the country keep coming to the streets because of the omnipresent shortage in Venezuela. For example, residents of the city of San Cristobal have been struggling for months with basic food and medicine. There is also a lack of oil and gas in the land, which is actually rich in land.

At the beginning of July, Rufo, his brother Adrian (1

4) and their mother Adriana demonstrated in their hometown San Cristobal. The family did not even have gas for cooking.

At the demonstration, regime-loyal police officers opened the fire without warning, reports "CNN." Most bullets hit Rufo Chacon. Even his little brother was injured, police hit with clubs on his head.

52 rubber bullets they had given it to Rufo – 16 of it met his eyes. The boy is therefore blind.

Seven million people needed humanitarian aid

More than seven million people in Venezuela needed humanitarian aid, the resolution said. According to the UN, 3.7 million Venezuelans are malnourished. About 94 percent of the population lives below the poverty line, two-thirds in extreme poverty. There is a lack of food, but also of medicines. The health situation in the Latin American country was "horrible." More than 3.4 million Venezuelans have fled the country because of the hardship.

Venezuelan opposition politician Zambrano on hunger strike

An incarcerated opposition politician has gone on hunger strike in Venezuela. The Vice-President of the opposition-controlled parliament, Edgar Zambrano, has been on a hunger strike for nine days, South American crisis states' self-proclaimed transitional president, Juan Guaidó, wrote on Twitter in the short message service.

Zambrano wanted to "protest for the rights of all Venezuelans, his comrades with him and all political prisoners", explained Guaidó. Guaidó did not comment on the health of the politician, who has been imprisoned since May. He merely stated that Zambrano would "continue his fight."

Zambrano is a confidant of Guaidó. He was arrested on May 8 in Caracas by officials of the Venezuelan secret service. Since then he has been in custody in a military prison. He is accused of betrayal and conspiracy for supporting the failed overthrow of controversial President Nicolás Maduro on April 30. In connection with the coup attempt criminal cases were brought against several members of the opposition.

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