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Potatoes as a dietician – Naturopathy & Naturopathic Specialist portal

Healthy root vegetables: Preparing potatoes properly

Potatoes have a bad reputation with many people because they are considered unhealthy or as fattening agents. But if the root vegetables are cooked properly, it is a great source of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Potatoes are popular with most Germans. However, the root vegetable is frowned upon by many as a fad. However, the tuber has this reputation wrongly. The calorie content of potatoes is rather moderate. But important is the right preparation. For example, eating only fried and fried potatoes can be harmful to one's health.

Potatoes Can Help Lose Weight

Angie Murad, a nutritional consultant for the Healthy Living program at the renowned Mayo Clinic (USA), explains why potatoes are more common should be on the menu ̵

1; but only if they are not fried in oil or "smothered" in butter or sour cream.

Potatoes are a healthy side dish full of vitamins and nutrients, especially if they are not, according to the expert be peeled. "They can provide extra fiber, which is a great advantage because you feel more saturated. And that's a big advantage when trying to lose weight, "explains Murad.

Natural fat and cholesterol-free

Murad says sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, an excellent antioxidant that can prevent chronic diseases , Another advantage of potatoes, no matter what, is how versatile they are.

"Both can be used as an excellent option for starchy vegetables, so they can replace noodles, rice, or cereals, for example," says Murad. "They provide a great way to add flavors to your dining options."

As the paper concludes, potatoes are naturally fat and cholesterol free. The preparation with butter or sour cream significantly increases the amount of calories, fat and sodium.

Screening out sprouted potatoes

It is also important to know that potatoes with shoots and green spots can contain the dangerous substance solanine and therefore should be sorted out better. Because depending on the amount absorbed, solanine can lead to poisoning.

As the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has stated in a communication, only a few cases of poisoning by potato dishes are known and documented in the last 100 years, but: "To health risks Nevertheless, green and strongly germinating potato tubers should not be consumed, "said BfR President Dr. Andreas Hensel.

Recommendation for correct storage

In order to minimize the intake of glycoalkaloids, which include solanin, the following standard recommendations in connection with the storage and preparation of potatoes should be observed, according to the Institute: [19659006] The root vegetables should be stored cool, dark and dry. Old, dried, green or strong germinating tubers and snacks, which consist mainly of potato peels, are not suitable for consumption. Green spots and so-called "eyes" in potatoes should always be removed generously. If consumers want to eat the skin, only uninjured, fresh potatoes are suitable.

Potato dishes should not be consumed if they have a bitter taste. Especially small children should not eat unpeeled potatoes. In addition, consumers should better not use the cooking water of potatoes again. And frying fat for potato products should be changed regularly. (ad)


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