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Prince Philip – the "king of the fags" becomes 97

Even his birth was as unusual as his life: Prince Philip was born on 10 June 1921 on a kitchen table on the island of Corfu as a member of the Greek royal family. The doctor thought that convenient. On Sunday he becomes 97.

After political and family turmoil – the family was banished from Greece after the revolution, the father went his own way, the mother became mentally ill – Philip went to Britain, where he made a career in the Navy should. In England, he met his great love: Lilibeth, who fell in love with the attractive cadets immortal even as a 13-year-old. Today, Philip has been married to British Queen Elizabeth II for more than 70 years. The Duke of Edinburgh celebrates his 97th birthday on Sunday privately, as the palace in London announced.

Prince Consort ̵

1; certainly not an easy profession for a man as proud as Philip. Since last year is now over with the role. He does not have to take a step back from the Monarch, Philip is now retired. Since then, he hardly appears in public. He only accompanies his 92-year-old Elizabeth on appointments when he feels like it and feels fit.

Prince Philip loved hunting, carriage racing and polo when he felt better. He was a passionate pilot and very healthy , In recent years, however, various afflictions have caused him, including bladder infections, heart problems and recently he got a new hip joint. When he came to a church at Windsor Castle less than two months later, without a walker, to attend the wedding of his grandson Prince Harry (33) and the American Meghan (36), he seemed well rested. But then he dived again.

Philip has a strong connection to Germany. In its widely branched pedigree, many Germans occur. The scion of the house Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg was born on Corfu as Prince of Greece and Denmark. His father was Andreas from Greece. His mother Princess Alice von Battenberg came from the family of the Grand Dukes of Hesse. Philip temporarily attended the elite school Salem on Lake Constance.

Philip had four older sisters: Cecilia died at the age of 26. "But the three others – Margarita, Sophie and Theodora – have been married to high German royalty from the houses of Hanover, Hesse and Baden," said Germany's most famous Royal expert, ARD journalist Rolf Seelmann-Eggebert. In the meantime, all sisters are dead.

The Queen and Philip completed their fifth state visit to Germany at a very senior age in 2015. For a long time, Philip was the president of the WWF conservation organization in the UK and internationally – and repeatedly championed German regions such as the Wadden Sea, the Danube floodplains and the Lüneburg Heath.

He had to sacrifice his career in the navy to his wife Nail hanging. He is now the longest serving prince consort in British history. Insiders claim that she is queen and he has his pants on at home. Philip is notorious for his rough jokes – he is considered the king of faux pas. For example, he described the then Chancellor Helmut Kohl as the "Chancellor of the Reich."

He also jokes about age: "Nothing builds anything more than reminding you that the years are passing faster and faster and that the paint starts "To peel off the old frame," he wrote in a letter when he was awarded the title "Oldie of the Year" in 2011.


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