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[Review] Battlefield V – GAMEtainment

Arts and Developer DICE released Battlefield V after a release shift of one month to finally release the next installment of their successful shooter Published series and we have of course not let it take us to test the latest offshoot on the Playstation 4 Pro extensively.

Battlefield V is located in World War II and consists of the so-called predecessor Battlefield 1 War Histories which represent the singleplayer mode, of course from the compulsory and for most of them more interesting multiplayer part.
The War Histories offer three independent episodes in addition to a prologue:
In Chapter Under No Flag a young British criminal is sent out of jail into the hot desert of North Africa
In Nordlys the young Norwegian Solveig has to liberate her mother from the clutches of the German occupiers, which in turn tries to expose a dark secret of the Germans, which is the war forever
In Tirailleur however, Senegalese units under the French flag must engage in a fierce infantry battle to save their "homeland," which they have never before entered.
The last tiger released in early December will assume the role of a German soldier who is a member of a tank crew at the end of World War II.

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These episodes, each about 2 hours long, are about fictitious people with real-world background stories, according to developers. These are elaborately and interesting staged. Especially the third chapter Tirailleur tells a dramatic story, which could bring some to tears.
Playful here is solid standard food. It is infiltrate enemy bases – either silently in the best stealth manner, or with raw weapons violence. Both are fun and you get from Cutscene to Cutscene to follow the rest of the story. There are four different levels of difficulty to choose from.
For many, these single-player campaigns are just senseless additions – but for others, they're also a reason to buy, as not everyone is into pure online shooters. DICE has a decent single-player mode here, which should satisfy those who expect it – everyone else can ignore it. However, for single-player mode, the scope of campaigns for a full-price title would be too low – but there is still more content to be delivered via updates.

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The Medic heals not only his own but also other comrades – and that much faster. He can also supply them with medi-packs or boxes without interruption and thereby collect plenty of points. Even he can heal himself infinitely often to 100%. The fact that the Medic has only submachine guns to choose from, he is a valuable supporter, especially in close combat.

The Sturmsoldat is probably still the most popular class, as it is also the most beginner-friendly. By choosing semi-automatic and assault rifles, he shows his strength at medium to long distances. Grenade launcher, detention dynamite, and other explosive equipment make it ideal for shutting down vehicles such as tanks.

The utility company continues to ammunition its teammates and builds barricades and supply stations. This is new in the current Battlefield and can be used by any class. However, the supply soldier is the quickest at laying up sandbags, building barbed wire barricades, or providing ammunition depots for his own team. However, to avoid wild maps, these buildings can only be made in certain places. The range of machine guns available to the supplier is optimal for short to medium distances.

Lastly, of course, there is also the reconnaissance aircraft. As usual, this usually acts from the safe distance with his various sniper rifles. The scout is now the only one who can mark opponents on the map by using his spotting scope. In addition, it's not so easy to camp anywhere any more now, as each player now starts off with about 3 magazines for his weapon, and if you do not have an ammo box next to you, you have to be safe hiding when the magazine is empty For better or worse, leave, which in turn benefits the flow of the game.

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All online modes are available on all available Tickets take place. For the release 8 different maps with partly historical models from 4 different countries are available. First, there are maps here in North Africa Hamada and Airport in Norway Narvik and Fjell 652 in France Arras and Bent Steel and in the Netherlands Rotterdam and Destruction .
The maps are very varied and graphically on the height currently. That so many times objects only appear shortly before the player, is probably due to the limited power of the current, expiring console generation. However, if you play something with the comprehensive options, such as hiding mirroring effects, then some graphic weaknesses can be eliminated. Minor bugs such as wriggling corpses or occasionally bugging vehicles should be easily fixed by updating.

Battlefield V sounds as impressive as its predecessor. In addition to the realistic weapon sounds and the roar of the heavy aircraft engines again outstanding 3D sound is to emphasize, which can be of great help to the player in locating the approaching enemies. Therefore, Battlefield V should definitely be played with headphones to take advantage of this.

Battlefield is Battlefield! The newest offshoot impresses with a great graphics, bombastic sound and in the right place readjusted gameplay. With the small but subtle changes in each class role, teamplay is now more in demand than ever. The single-player mode is solid and free updates for single and multiplayer (the first coming in early December) should not be boring in the future.

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