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Sarah Connor shows off the splashing pendant with slippery remarks

Singer Sarah Connor takes delight in her delight with a picture from the bathtub and the fans.

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Sarah Connor posts a picture of herself in the bathtub – and her fans love the photo. Slippery comments do not have to wait long for the recording.

Munich – Sarah Connor posts a picture of herself on Instagram, showing her in the bathtub, around her nothing but foam. Although she can not be seen in the picture, the 39-year-old bathes well with her daughter ̵

1; and very, very much foam. To the picture she writes: "Sometimes only 20 stealth horses and a bit of foam are needed! What do you need to be happy? "And adds the hashtags to her post" Phini and me "" Phini exaggerates it a bit with the bubbles, I think ". The foam landscape is therefore probably not up to Sarah's crap – but even the singer seems to share the childlike enthusiasm and smiles happily into the camera.

Sarah Connor in the bathtub: her fans love the picture

The fans love the picture – and countless users share their own experiences with the "Schleich animals", the popular hard-rubber toy for children. And not only in Sarah Connor seems a full bath feelings of happiness trigger: In the answers to the question "What do you need to happiness?" Are bath and – of course – foam at the top. But also much appreciation for the singer resonates in the comments. "You" answer a few, or: "Your music". That should be happy for the 39-year-old mom.

Sarah Connors bathtub photo: "Who was allowed to take a picture? "

Although the picture is obviously not meant as a provocative, lascivious photo, some user comments in this direction can not resist:" Who was allowed to photograph? Grrr! "Writes a user to express his jealousy of the happy photographer. Another commented: "Treat us and shove the foam away .."

Video: Intimate photo of Sarah Connor from the bathtub

The singer does not have to comment on such inappropriate comments on Sarah Connor's image only self-react – that's what other fans do for you. "Treat yourself to something and push yourself to the side", another user reacts quickly and instructs the commentator. Successful as it seems: He justifies himself promptly that his saying was just a joke.

There's a hot snapshot from Verona Pooth. In a recent Instagram post, however, is slightly more than intended. The advertising icon takes it athletically.

Sarah Connor: Singer hits the right mood with bathtubs photo

Sarah met with her picture in the rather cool autumn days just the right mood – because who would have uncomfortable and cold temperatures and raindrops pattering on the window do not feel like a hot bath – with lots and lots of foam?

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