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Singles Day 2019 at Media Markt: Three highlights

Media Markt celebrates the Singles Day like no other dealer in Germany. If you are looking for a strong technology bargain, you should definitely drop by the red giant today. We have selected three really good bargains from the variety of offers.

Singles Day Bargain 1: Huawei P30 smartphone with 128 GB of memory

Media Markt hits the Huawei P30 * to celebrate the day super cheap: only 444 euros instead of regular 599 euros, the smartphone highlight for Singles Day costs. For example, a quick check on the price search engine idealo.de shows that the P30 is nowhere cheaper and has never been cheaper in the course of time.

Directly to the offer: Huawei P30 for only 444 Euro

Singles Day bargain 2: 1
1.11 Euro donated by paydirekt

Today's 11.11. Media Markt gives you 11.11 euros – if you pay with paydirekt. It is quite simple:

  • Add articles with a total value of at least 50 Euro to the shopping cart.
  • Select and confirm "paydirekt" as payment method in checkout
  • 11.11 Euro will be deducted automatically.

Direct to Offer: 11.11 Euro direct deduction via paydirekt

Singles Day Bargain 3: 19% off Galaxy

It's Galaxy Week at Media Markt (by the way, at Saturn too). "Samsung gives you 19% VAT!", Writes Media Markt. The discount applies to all Galaxy smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories.

Direkt zum Angebot: 19% VAT donated to Galaxy products

Also exciting: Today is Singles Day: It is one of the most important Online bargain days, comparable to the American Black Friday. German dealers also offer high discounts, for example Media Markt, Saturn, Douglas, Teufel and Amazon. Here are the best bargains.

* Note: In the editorial department, we are always on the lookout for great offers and useful products for our readers – for things that inspire us and bargains that are too good to be left to them allow. The links provided in this article and marked with a shopping cart symbol or an asterisk are so-called affiliate links / advertising links. If you click on one of these links and shop about it, we get a commission from the dealer. This does not change the price for you. Our editorial reporting is basically independent of the existence or amount of a commission.

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