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SPÖ expects turquoise-green | Tiroler Tageszeitung Online – news from now!

SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner assumes that the turquoise-green negotiations will come to a positive conclusion. It assumes that the decision of the ÖVP regarding its interlocutor was well considered. Whether in case of failure, the SPÖ would be available, Rendi-Wagner at a joint press conference with Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig revealed.

On relevant questions, she stressed that the SPÖ had made their fundamental willingness to intergovernmental negotiations made clear weeks ago. As it turns out, if turquoise-green fails, contrary to expectations, then one would judge. In any case, the ÖVP and the Greens expect that they will shape their conversation with more dynamism than the soundings that have taken place in a coziness mode.

In principle, Rendi-Wagner emphasized that her party would judge the future government as to what life was improve people. Cheaper housing, a swift tax reform and a clear signal in climate policy are those areas where it is particularly urgent for the head of the SPÖ.

Rendi-Wagner wants to quickly measure the Greens, namely with applications for climate protection. Billion and to combat child poverty already in this week's plenary session of the National Council. The voice of the Greens will show how serious they are with the issues.

Do not worry that Turquoise Green could have a negative effect on his coalition with the Austrian ecoparty in Vienna, says Mayor Ludwig. He wants the future government to measure what it does for Vienna. Under Turquoise blue the federal capital was not exactly spoiled.

The town chief expects support in infrastructure projects, in public transport in the region, in digitization and also in education, where there are more resources in compulsory education for integration measures need. As far as the general political style is concerned, the mayor campaigned for bringing toghether with one another – in concrete terms a revival of social partnership.

It was no coincidence that today's appearance was a joint event. For Rendi-Wagner visited the Vienna Committee of the city party to present their internal party reform process. A corresponding tour is to lead the party chairman through all national organizations. Ludwig once assured that the Viennese party would be involved in the process accordingly.

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