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Startup Amabrush files for bankruptcy «DiePresse.com

It sounded like the perfect idea. With an essay, the daily Zahnputzritual should be drastically shortened. Instead of brushing (at least) twice a day for two minutes each time, the teeth should be done with Amabrush in ten seconds. A full-bodied promise. Founder and CEO Marvin Musialek dangled his idea from one startup show to the next and also received recognition for his idea in Germany. But the expectations raised by the Viennese company itself could not be met. Delays in the launch, problems with deliveries were only bumping stones compared to the first tests. On a criminal complaint of the former member of parliament and politician of the list "now" Peter Kolba and its private "consumer protection associations" against Amabrush and its coworkers the enterprise finally bit the teeth off.

"The consumer protection association many crowdfunders and buyers have reported "Damaged by Amabrush," said VSV chairman Peter Kolba. "On the one hand crowdfunders have been put off for over a year and get no toothbrush delivered, on the other hand buyers complain that the toothbrush in no way corresponds to what was advertised."

Fraud allegation can not be outraged at ridiculousness

At that time, respondents reacted calmly to the presentation of the facts to the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor's Office. "The charge of fraud can not be outraged at ridiculousness. What advantage the Amabrush founders and their employees should have drawn from the fact that product development is not going as smoothly as expected, will probably be hard for Kolba to explain, "said Werner Beninger, whose agency represents Amabrush in public relations.

However, the allegation of "serious fraud in connection with marketing" was enough to scare off investors, who withdrew their pledges, and the resulting insolvency of the company inevitably led to the bankruptcy filing, affecting 22 employees € 500,000 is offset by € 4.5 million in liabilities, and a 20% recovery is planned within two years.


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