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State employee was transferred «DiePresse.com

After the announcement of a 4,000 euro donation from a regional newspaper whose 95 percent shareholder is a member of the state press service to the Tyrolean ÖVP in 2017, the employee has been transferred to another department. This was announced by the country, confirming a report by the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" on Tuesday

The employee concerned had been assigned to another department and thus no longer members of the public relations department, explained Florian Kurzthaler, head of the department. This was done with immediate effect in order to "immediately bring about a clearer separation between his part-time work and his work in the national service."

Platter's opinion called for

The regional newspaper is the "Rofan Kurier" – the according to own data "Independent regional newspaper in the Tiroler Unterland" with seat in Kramsach. The company "MP Media & Power GmbH", in which the state employee holds the vast majority, is behind the newspaper. She donated the money to the ÖVP. This is clear from the accountability reports of the parties published by the Bundesrechnungshof.

The Tyrolean opposition from the SPÖ, FPÖ, Neos and Liste Fritz demanded clarification and identified a crooked optic. Tyrol's SPÖ leader Georg Dornauer also demanded a statement from Governor Günther Platter (ÖVP). Platter should then also loud "TT" Monday afternoon pulled the ripcord and have ordered the transfer of the employee.

The green coalition partner of the ÖVP was also at a distance. It is more than surprising when a newspaper donates to a party. "You will have to look at the advertisements of the country well," said the green club boss Gebi Mair.

The department had initially said that the employee had been working for many years in the field of Internet and thus "one hundred percent "it is ensured that advertising measures and advertisements are always made independently of the part-time job of the employee" exclusively according to professional criteria ". The "extent of the bookings" in the Rofan-Kurier amounted to a fraction compared to other media.


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