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Styrian screw manufacturer Tenz wins the State Prize for Marketing

The Styrian company Tenz was awarded the Staatspreis Marketing 2019 on Monday evening in the Sofiensäle in Vienna. The company has developed a wooden construction screw that can be turned into the wood with minimal force due to a special thread technology.

 State Prize Marketing 2019

(c) BMDW / Matthias Silveri: State Prize Marketing 2019: Group photo with all the winners [19659004] Tenz GmbH from Styria has been officially named as the winner of the "State Prize Marketing 201

9" since yesterday evening. As part of a gala in the Viennese Sofiensäle, the company was honored with its project "Tenz-Low Energy Screw". The team around founder and managing director Gerhard Hubmann has developed a wooden construction screw that can be turned with little effort into the wood.

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Thread technology: "Tenz-Low Energy Screw"

As Hubmann explained to the brutkasten shortly after the award ceremony, a specially developed technology would ensure reduced friction along the thread. Specifically, this is done via small contact surfaces in the thread (see video from minute 18:00). As a result, according to the Hubmann, a significantly reduced screwing resistance could be achieved. This would subsequently lead to a lower energy and energy use when screwing and would also increase the life of the tools used.

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52 patents relating to wooden screw

The development of the screw has been going on since 2012, when the company was founded just two years ago. Meanwhile, Tenz GmbH counts customers from all over the world. "We have the greatest success in the US. There we are listed in a large hardware store chain and thus available on the entire American market, "said Hubmann.

The main production site is located in Taiwan. The company has successfully registered 52 patents related to the wood construction screw, ten of which are solely related to the machines used to make the screw. "We are not only interested in the final product, but also in the optimization of the production process," said Hubmann.

The jury's reasoning

However, a company does not yet win the state prize for marketing for the technological development of a product. This includes a mature and innovative marketing concept. The jury's reasoning was as follows: "This project convinces through careful market analysis combined with an innovative and patented design: for example, an allegedly low-impact product was given its own identity. A startup founded in 2017 impressed by a structured global product launch that made it possible to be available far beyond local borders within a short time – up to the listing in 2,200 DIY stores in the USA. "[1965013] Market launch in Austria

Holzbauschraube is already listed in the US, consumers in this country still have to be patient. As Hubmann explains in an interview, the Austrian market launch is scheduled for autumn 2019. Initially, the screw is to be available in a total of 14 Hornbach branches and distributed as a product in the premium segment.

State Prize Categories 2019

In addition to the Tenz GmbH, which has filed in the category "Manufacturing Industry", were also Winner in five other categories as "nominated for the State Prize Marketing 2019":

  • Category Retailing: Yes! Naturally Naturprodukte GmbH with "Yes! Natural palm oil free"
  • Private Services Category: Coown Technologies GmbH with the launch of "Own Austria"
  • Category Digital Marketing: KDV Klassik Digital Vertriebs GmbH with "fidelio – your digital classic meeting place"
  • Category Employer Branding: Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) with "#be_IT – The Employer Branding Campaign of the BRZ"
  • Category Public Services & NPO: AG Silent Night / Salzburg Tourismus GmbH with "200th Anniversary of the World Peace Message, Stille Night! Heilige Nacht "

Special prizes" Young Business "and" Event Marketing "

In addition, the jury awarded two special prizes for special marketing activities in the categories" Young Business "and" Event Marketing ". The special prize "Young Business" went to Viita-Watches, who was presented by aw's managing director Bernhard Sagmeister and "the incubator" co-founder and CEO Dejan Jovicevic.

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