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Tax fraudster Rydl claims: 'I paid Ibiza video'

Ibiza Gate is richer by a bizarre facet: Werner Rydl, once at the center of a mega tax evasion case in Austria, claims in the Trend : "I've paid for the Ibiza video." Rydl had started the 1990s sold to Brazil. Since 2013 he has financed actions for "a group". The Ibiza video cost 264,377 euros.

He had never commissioned projects, "but I only bought ready-made stuff, such as this Strache video." Rydl claims that the transfer time was several months because passages were gradually being offered. "I've decided the price, and if it was credible for me, then I've paid."

He calls the alleged material as his "Jolly Joker, which are in my possession. But of course I assume that I have the original and the only copyright. "

Whether this is a joke, must investigate investigators probably.

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