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The Crew 2 receives Demolition Derby Update – GAMEtainment

Ubisoft announced that Derby Demolition is the second free update for Ubisoft's motorsport game The Crew ® 2 on December 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC will be available.

Demolition Derby introduces a brand new discipline. The participants must make it into the top 3 by achieving the highest score within a time limit. For this purpose, two new arenas have been built, which are predestined to live out the destruction craze. In the Bonneville Salt Flats, players collect points by destroying their opponents' cars, dodging obstacles such as lifts, a spring-loaded boxing glove, and other vehicles. At the Tucson Airplane Cemetery, players can push their opponents off the road, destroying even more. Demolition Derby also features the long-awaited PvP mode for The Crew 2 . Beginning with the level newcomer, up to eight players in various disciplines such as Street Racing and Motocross can compete against each other in ever-updated events on the US map. Players who really want to get going can join the PvP league for even better rewards. The four Demolition Derby cars can also be used in other game modes and in free driving and can be almost completely destroyed.

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