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These are the new emojis

On World Emoji Day the US corporations "Apple" and "Google" have given an outlook on their new symbols. It is particularly curious that although the responsible Unicode consortium works on a common basis, the implementation of emojis is left to companies such as Apple and Co.

WhatsApp & Co .: How does a new one come about? Emoji?

Since 1991, the consortium, which includes Apple, Microsoft and Google, has been responsible for the standardization of digital character coding.

A form is requested to include your own desired symbol. The proposed emoji first goes through a complicated and protracted testing process. According to the Unicode blog, a proud 230 copies were received in 201

9 – including 59 new releases and 171 revisions.

Green Light for New Emojis

As the new Emoji catalog should look like on the iPhone, Apple already shows on the official website. The company remains true to its typically edgeless style. Also Google has released its new catalog for Android smartphones, where you put on the usual playful cartoon look.

The Emojineuheiten were already announced in early 2019: piece by piece, the new motifs are unlocked. 19659002] New Emojios with Android Q and iOS Update

The focus of the new catalog is again on the worldwide applicability of Emojis. For example, the Sardinian garment Sari and a Hindu temple are now available. People with disabilities should also be better represented: the novelties include wheelchair users, prosthetic legs and guide dogs.

According to Apple, the new standard, in line with the motto "Love is Love", allows more than 75 combinations of male pairs [

Emojis: From the Sloth to Inclusion

In addition to animal novelties such as a cute sloth and a flamingo, the spa class of the new emojis also includes a banjo and a gnaring one Emoji, as well as several gestures. With garlic, falafel, oysters and more, numerous culinary preferences can finally be pictorially communicated.

Users do not have to wait long: Already this fall Apple wants the new emojis with a free software update put. According to Google i the motifs will be available on smartphones with the operating system Android Q in the course of the year .

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