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This happens when you play "Death Stranding" on your birthday

In "Death Stranding" you can expect some surprises.

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Have you played "Death Stranding" on your birthday? If not, then you should be careful now. After all, a special surprise awaits you.

Anyone who creates a new game stand in "Death Stranding" has probably wondered why, then asked directly when their own birthday is. What does he finally play for a role? Or is he even the key to new, hidden adventures?

"Death Stranding": Action game has a special anniversary on the birthday

Afterwards, the game is supposed to display a message in which changed DOOMS capabilities for certain zodiac signs is the speech . Specifically, it is said that humans in the constellation Cancer, Fish, Whale, Dolphin, and Gigas are said to have strong supernatural abilities in "Death Stranding" .

While cancer and fish are common astrological signs, the other "star signs" have been invented especially for the game and include certain months:

  • Cancer: June 22 to July 22
  • Fish: February 1
    9 to March 20
  • Whale: later fall / early Winter (November)
  • Dolphin: Late Summer (September)
  • Gigas: Mid Winter (January)

Nevertheless, the birthday should not really have anything to do with the actual gameplay mechanics, such as the gaming portal Gamepro

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Birthday cake and congratulations: How to get in the game celebrated

Instead On the day of your birthday you can expect a virtual birthday cake and a few congratulations . You will find it when you travel to the nearest town in Death Stranding and enter your private room. On the table, next to the Monster Energy cans, you'll find the cake on which four candles are burning.

You also receive a E
email from all Bridges employees who work with you for the hard work thank you and wish you all the best – besides, there are a few likes. The funniest thing about it: When you've finished reading the e-mail and look back on the table, you'll be surprised – the cake has been nibbled neatly in the meantime !

Ob Next to the birthday cake, more secrets await you, that remains unanswered, the gaming portal further explains.

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