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Tons heavy tower of Linz Cathedral toppled

LINZ – It came to dangerous scenes Thursday in the center of Linz. During repair work on the Mariendom, a tower weighing several tons crashed to the ground.

The incident was triggered when a worker attempted to repair a leaky pipe in a gargoyle 15 meters high. He stood on a crane lift and touched with this about 3.5 meters high tower above the entrance portal. The approximately 1.2-tonne tower was torn from its anchorage and tipped over. He got stuck on the lift and pushed it down. This came under enormous tension and threatened to catapult the worker away. The man, however, was still able to alert the professional fire brigade, who immediately approached and closed the entire area. By crane it was possible to stabilize the lifts and rescue the worker. Moments later, the tower collapsed and crashed to the ground. The property damage is enormous, nobody was hurt.

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