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"Victory Hail!" Or "Saubeidl"? Acquittal for ex-FPÖ official

Trial in Vienna: Markus Ripfl cursed two men in Gürtellokal who kissed.

Kissing Men

At night on the 23rd of September last year, he was drinking with friends. Then he saw something he did not seem to like: two young men kissed on the dance floor. "I suddenly got a shock. And then he mobbed me, "describes Kurt G. An acquaintance also describes this as follows: "He just kissed the other man when he was pushed away by Mr. Ripfl." Both are certain: The accused then also called "Victory Hail!"

That's not true, says Ripfls Lawyer Andreas Strobl . "It was loud. He called 'Saubeidl!' This is phonetically similar. "His client was only upset because the kissing men blocked his path.

The jury disagrees. With 3: 5 votes they free Ripfl from the suspicion of re-activating; not legally binding.

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